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With so many designers and home remodeling contractors  on our team, home and office renovation comes naturally and beautifully.

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My Renovations Group makes the process of renovating and altering your kitchen’s design, style, and the overall feel both stress-free and within your budget.

Modern Kitchen Transformations

Renovating a cramped or dated kitchen can make such a difference to daily living. Not only does a contemporary kitchen renovation transform your home’s primary living area, but it also adds capital value to your home. We can turn your kitchen into everything you want and need it to be!

Customised Kitchen Home Remodeling

My Renovations Group will work with you to create a personalised kitchen renovation. We can recommend you the best possible solution for your home regardless of the kitchen design and budget. Your kitchen will perfectly suit the space available and make the process of cooking more comfortable due to an effective design.

Professional Assistance for Excellent Kitchen Look

We will guide you through the process from the initial design stage to the installation and coordination of our expert tradesmen. You don’t have to worry and search for various specialists who will be ready to do the required jobs. My Renovations Group will provide you with skilled home remodeling contractors, including electricians, tilers, and joiners, to ensure the quality execution of your custom-built kitchen.

Bathroom & Laundry


Bathroom and laundry renovations may differ a lot. No matter whether your bathroom requires a repair or whether you want to have a simple redecoration, home remodeling contractors from My Renovations Group will give you a hand.

Bathroom Remodeling of Any Scale

Sometimes bathroom remodeling can be quite undemanding, such as updating a vanity cabinet, a shower screen, or tapware. In other cases, bathrooms and laundries can require substantial changes and improvements that comprise altering the layout, style, and equipment. My Renovations Group can cater for all styles of bathroom and laundry renovations from ultra-modern, federation, simple everyday design, or just a revamp. We will take care of your repair from start to finish and aim to build the bathroom or laundry of your dreams.

Skilled Home Remodeling of Bathrooms

Renovating a bathroom or laundry is easy when you leave everything in the hands of experts. My Renovations Group will give you peace of mind by accommodating everything for your renovation, including:

  • design,
  • plumbing,
  • electricity and lighting,
  • carpentry,
  • custom joinery,
  • painting,
  • waterproofing,
  • tiling.

As with any renovation works, it’s essential to use professional, licensed, and reputable tradesmen. Firstly, we will need to see your existing bathroom or laundry, ascertain your current goals, budget, and design/style you wish to achieve. We will tailor a design to suit your needs and meets your budget. Leave all the hard work to us. We take care of the full renovation project, so you don’t have to.



Have a space that’s just not functional? Want to update your home, create more space, or a better flow? We can make it happen.

Interior Home Remodeling and Design

A renovation can provide years more enjoyment of your beloved family home in a location you know and love.

My Renovations Group can remodel your home both internally and externally. We can renovate your current kitchen, bathroom, or laundry layout. We’ll help you to:

  • achieve improved functionality;
  • find new storage solutions;
  • maximise the usability;
  • increase the enjoyment of your home.

Similarly, My Renovations Group will leap at the opportunity to modernise other rooms of your house. Whether you wish to make a tender-looking bedroom, a multicoloured children’s room, or a state-of-the-art living room, our professionals will help you implement all your ideas quickly and skillfully.

Stress-free Home Renovation

Renovating can be a daunting, stressful, and expensive task. We’re here to help make it easier. My Renovations Group realises the importance of meeting deadlines, budgets, and keeping great communication. We do our best to ensure that our client knows that they are in good hands and are informed throughout the project.

If you want to save time and your sanity, leave your redecoration and renovation project to My Renovations Group. We deal with multiple consultants and tradespeople every day and aim to keep things running smoothly.



Home remodeling and design can also comprise renovating the exterior of your home. As this kind of renovation requires considerable skills, our professionals will gladly assist you.

Improving Home Appearance and Protection

Such an important step as external home remodeling has many benefits, including:

  • the improved street appeal of your home;
  • the increased overall value of your property.

It is also essential to maintain and protect your home from external elements such as rain, hail, sea spray, and the harsh Australian sun. The Australian environment can be brutal, and it’s important to attend to issues before they cause more damage, whether that be a re-painting, repointing roof tiles/ridge caps, maintaining/ replacing gutters or a full makeover.

Variety of Home Remodeling and Additions Services

My Renovations Group is here to help you by offering a wide range of exterior renovation services. We can modernise the exterior of your home, paint, render, install decking and landscape. We can make your home beautiful and something to be proud of.

Get your project off to the best start by discussing your needs in detail with a personalised no-obligation consultation. Many homeowners find it much more comfortable and ultimately more cost-effective to work with My Renovations Group, who can oversee and coordinate the full range of design and building work you require.

Commercial / Retail


My Renovations Group specialises  not only in home remodeling services but also in commercial or retail fit-outs. We aim to convert your concept into a reality by delivering stunning, practical office interiors within your budget and timeframe.

Creating Distinguished Office Looks

We understand that having stunning, well-designed office interiors is important not only to impress your clients but also to improve functionality. Achieving this unity transforms your office space into a professional, aesthetically-pleasing, and productive work environment. My Renovations Group office and home remodeling contractors will help you make the most of your commercial space and turn your premises into an efficient, adorable place.

Whether you need to change office colours, to add a lounge area, to upgrade your kitchen, or anything else, My Renovations Group is at your disposal. Our professionals will help you decide on the colour scheme that will suit your corporate style. Also, we’ll advise you on the layout, making sure that all the necessary equipment and furniture fit into the space available.

Organising Commercial Remodeling

My Renovations Group can coordinate and manage all aspects of your commercial or retail fit-out. We can do anything but not limited to full strip out, make good, custom workstations, detailed joinery, new kitchenette, or simply a fresh coat of paint.

We often spend more time in our office than at home, so it’s only logical to have a quality, comfortable fit-out that is an extension of your brand.


Commercial and House Renovation Projects

My Renovations Group has completed numerous house renovation Sydney projects. Here, you can see some examples of our hard work. Our renovation projects differ in scale and style, as we always care about clients’ requirements and wishes. Explore our designs, get inspiration, and contact us to discuss your renovation.

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My Renovations group prides itself on taking the stress out of renovating. Be it residential or commercial, big or small; we have the experience to do it all.