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My Renovations Group is ready to renovate both your home and your office. It doesn’t matter to us whether you have only a general plan of your project or if you have already compiled a list of creative ideas about your premises. Likewise, we will be happy to assist you both with a large-scale and small repair project.

Your Home

If you definitely know what the new look of your house or office is, our specialists will thoroughly and gladly discuss all your views and help you plan your project. We’ll specify all the necessary details for you and find the best solutions within your budget. So, you will know what stages your project will include, what is needed to complete each step, what estimated time is required for finishing each part, etc.

In case you only have a general idea about your project, the team of our renovation contractors that includes professional designers will help you choose from a variety of possible styles and remodeling variants. Our team will define your needs and requirements, as well as the peculiarities of your premises. We will do our best to create an astonishing personalised project and assist you in using your space effectively.

With My Renovations Group, you will be aware of every stage of your home or office remodeling process. You will be able to control the work and make any adjustments if necessary.

Contact our team to start the process of transforming your home or commercial premises. Our specialists will provide you with a consultation on interior, exterior or commercial renovations.

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